About Us

Precious Home is a residential care facility committed to providing excellent care to seniors and those of retirement age seeking a safe, secure, personalized, yet warm family-themed environment. We regard our residents as an extension of our family and our mission, therefore, is to care for them with the utmost love and attention.

To achieve this mission, we make it personal by developing a customized care plan for each resident in order to promote optimum living. Health details are continually monitored, documented and analyzed while we maintain ongoing communication with families and medical providers.

Meals are prepared in the home, with regard for special dietary needs; and our caregivers are compassionate, experienced and dedicated to supporting every resident through this phase of life, including helping them with a social life through group activities and exercise.

All our caregivers are trained to provide health and personal care assistance and the Manager is a Registered Nurse who monitors the implementation of the care plan 24 hours a day.

So, come to us with your loved one and we promise dignified living for him/her and peace of mind for you.

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